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The territory will be controlled by policemen of all the world- as an experiment of the new world order on the management over the Earth.

… Some years ago nobody believed in the reality of such plans, but … American firm ‘DinCorp’ has already begun selection of the suitable candidates for the police forces to run Kosovo.

The explanation was ‘In Kosovo nowadays aren’t any police forces ‘, but the Kosovians ‘can’t do it by themselves’. ( like the declarations of colonizatores of the 19th century, aren’t they?).

However, the experience of a similar mode was operated in Bosnia. It’s difficult to imagine how the people in Bosnia live- they write about it a little.

That’s facts, only:

Only one of each four refugees is at home ( common number of the refugees is 2.1 millions) Half of all apartments were destroyed during the war, but only 10%- rebuilt Three quarters of those refugees , which have returned to home , don’t have a work today

In fact, that the Bosnia citizens don’t have political independence. There are NATO’s troops, the authorities- UN officials, elected by nobody, the administrative minister- a Spanish diplomat, the financial minister- a New Zealand’s representative, its police is in hands of a former officer of the Department of Police of LA…

But what are they planning about Kosovo? It’s supposed to create ‘police academies’ in future, but now American Senate just has approved the administrative bill on allocation $150 million, $20 million of which- for preparation and equipment of security forces of Kosovo, but what SF they meant isn’t known.

Until Kosovians become ‘grown- up’, the International Police Observe Corps will be to run by UN, and every officer – by the Internal Ministry of his own country…

Some words who can be ‘an manager of the world’ about:

1. experience as a guard- about 8 years in the native country

2.being on an active service or in a resignation

3.good health

4.bi- lingual

Shouldn’t be repeated how much it will be for a western taxpayer, if the per annum content of one officer is $97 thousand plus bonus. Obviously, the refugees will be to have nothing from it…

And about the ethnic cleanings…Up to the end of the military company against Yugoslavia Britain Defense Minister George Robertson sounded his thoughts about the future of Kosovo: ’Go out, Serbs, NATO and the refugees arrives’. NATO puts before the refugees, and calling Serbs he meant not the Serbian Army only, but the ethnic cleanings according to recipe of NATO, mainly by other’s hands...

…Yesterday- Bosnia, today-Kosovo… Who will be the next?

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