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What did the presidents of the greatest states talk about?

As was informed in the Pravda- Internet in yesterday’s issue President Clinton had a half- hour phone conversation with Chinese President Jiang Zemin. Clinton spoke with Jiang from the presidential retreat at Camp David in Maryland. Correspondent of the P- I for Chine Andrei Krushinsky gives details of that conversation, by comparison of two versions- American and Chinese.

Recently Bill Clinton invincibly attracts to dialogue with Jiang Zemin. For instance, he persistently achieved a phone conversation in May to apologize for ‘inexact charge’ of American B-2 bombers on the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. Jiang Zemin evaded from the dialogue for some days. Only after the visit of the American President in the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade the opportunity to talk to the Supreme Chinese Chief appeared.

The second step was a visit of assistant of the Secretary of State Pikering.

Later Clinton congratulated Jiang Zemin on ‘ silver prize’ of Chinese football women team on the championship, taking place in the USA.

As is seen the initiative of dialogue is in the hands of Clinton.

There are two versions- from Reuters from Washington and Sinkhua from Beijing.

The first one is demonstrated by the words of White House spokesman David Leavy. ‘The two leaders discussed an assay of U.S.- Chinese issues, and Clinton reiterated U.S. policy with regard to Chine and Taiwan… He hoped both sides could maintain a dialogue, and the cross- straits issues could be resolved peacefully’, Leavy said. China has promised to crush any attempt by Taiwan to break away, after Taiwanese President Lee Teng-hui stated July 9 that relations with China should be conducted on a ``state-to-state'' basis.

Lee's statement rattled Washington, partly because of the uncertainty it created. While the United States has recognized Beijing as the official government since 1979, it also supports Taiwan militarily.

Taiwan is the seat of the Nationalist government that fled mainland China after the Communist takeover 50 years ago. China regards the island as a renegade province.

According to Reuters, Chine has reacted sharply, with the threat to apply force to Taiwan, if it insists on its independence. The intense atmosphere was strengthened by the words about neutron bomb which Beijing has.

As official agency of Chine reports, Jiang told Clinton that Beijing supposes the use of armed forces to resolve the problem about Taiwan. Leavy was interviewed about it. ‘I don’t want to discuss the words of Jiang, but in my opinion the talk didn’t mean it…’

In opposite to it the Chinese version contains a very detailed statement of conversation.

The call was to soften the situation after the declaration of Taiwan President Lee Teng- hui last week where he stepped up claims to statehood which have enraged Beijing and whipped up tensions between the two rivals.

At first Clinton named the reason of his call as ‘ to repeat the strong obligation on politics ‘of one China’’.

. Jiang Zemin: ’we won’t sit still if any people declare independence for Taiwan and foreign forces touch to this problem.’

China's official media has kept up a stream of invective against Lee, with the China Daily reporting most Chinese people were in favor of using force to settle the Taiwan issue.

Some 86.9 percent of Chinese citizens polled agreed that, when necessary, Beijing could resort to military means, the daily said, quoting a recent telephone poll in major cities.

China carried out large-scale war games and fired missiles into the Taiwan Strait in 1996 during the island's presidential elections, following a high-profile trip to the United States by Lee.

Asked if China was prepared to risk economic development for war over Taiwan, Zhang said Taipei should not underestimate Beijing's resolve.

"The Chinese government and people cannot afford to be unclear about China's sovereignty and territorial integrity," she said.

China and Taiwan have been governed separately since the nationalists fled to the island in 1949 after losing a bitter civil war to the communists, with Beijing viewing Taiwan as a renegade province.

In summary can be said that America too often is interested in international questions. Isn’t it cynical hypocrisy to act ‘peacekeeper’ on the world stage after bloody butchery in Kosovo! To announce principle ‘of one China’ and arm Taiwan with American weapon…

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