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The existence on the planet of a de facto government which is imposing military, political and economic decisions at its own free will, was exposed by President Fidel Castro at the International Conference of Economists on Globalization and Problems of Development in Havana.

"Why is it that U.S.-owned enterprises located anywhere in the world cannot even sell a screw to Cuba? Fidel asked, giving one example . Reaffirming his opinion, he declared that a world government does exist, adding: "At least we are aware of that, even though we are rebelling against it and paying the consequences". He asked if a world government exists which fired missiles at a factory in Sudan because, as it claimed, that factory was owned by somebody who ordered the bombing of U.S. embassies. Some of the missiles launched against Afghanistan fell on Pakistan in error, in spite of them being intelligent weapons, he commented, adding that some 200 were also launched against Iraq.

A powerful country with a complete arsenal of nuclear weapons which it is constantly improving, which currently spends more money on arms than during the cold war, that launches bombs left and right without asking anyone - "what kind of government is that and what is this world?" he reiterated, continuing: "A government which decides that a factory producing a given article with raw materials and the labor of workers in a specific country, be it France, Italy or Switzerland, cannot sell something? A government which decides what country is to receive credit or not within the International Monetary Fund..." He noted the tremendous and brutal pressure exerted by that government, the harshness of its orders and its ambassadors' increasingly brazen way of talking in any country in the world. "They are proconsuls, although that doesn't mean to say that everyone jumps to attention," he emphasized, "because there are people who don't take any notice of them. Some of us never pay them any attention....

Карабахский конфликт стал для США пропуском в регион, и велик риск повторения сценария 2007 года, когда Саакашвили "вытолкал взашей" российские военные базы.

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