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One of pleasant unexpectednesses of present week is visit of the India Foreign minister to Peking which has opened ways to enormous geopolitical shifts in spaces of Euroasian continent. Details of this event the Peking correspondent for the 'PRAVDA'- INTERNET' Andrey Krushinsky opens with the help of five authoritative asian newspapers.

The past few weeks have seen dozens of meetings between Chinese officials and their counterparts from neighbouring states. The latter range from regional powers such as Russia and Pakistan to small countries including North Korea, Nepal, Laos, Burma, as well as former Soviet countries bordering Xinjiang. Several visiting delegations, including those from Russia, Pakistan and Laos, were led by military officers. PLA generals have been active on foreign trips or meeting civilian foreign dignitaries in Beijing. Diplomatic analysts said the military component of the talks suggested Beijing particularly wanted to avoid conflicts close to home. (South China Morning Post, 10.6)

The precondition for the development of Sino-Indian relations is that the two countries should not regard each other as a "threat," says Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan. He told visiting Indian Foreign Minister Jaswant Singh yesterday in Beijing that the basis for the advancement of bilateral ties is the Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence, which were initiated by the late leaders of the two countries.

"India is an important neighbour of China and the development of the good-neighbourly, friendly co-operation with India is one of China's basic national policies," Tang was quoted as saying in the meeting. (China Daily, 15.6)

China and India said they were seeking better relations and hoped to work together to play a positive role in maintaining world peace. Mr Singh arrived in China on Monday for a three-day visit to discuss bilateral issues and ``international problems'' an apparent reference to the conflict between India and Pakistan over the Himalayan region of Kashmir. He is the most senior Indian official to visit China since India conducted nuclear tests last year, alarming Beijing and prompting a series of tests by Pakistan. China humiliated Indian armed forces in a brief 1962 border war and the territorial claims chilled relations between the two nations for three decades. (Honkong Standard, 16.6)

The normalisation of Sino-Indian relations is taking place against the backdrop of Chinese concerns about the emergence of a unipolar world dominated by the US and the military alliances it has put in place in Europe and Eurasia. India, it would seem, is for a multipolarity in international relations which does not involve forming a bloc against the US.

The visit of the External Affairs Minister to Beijing, in his own words, has heralded a return to normalcy and closed the chapter when India described China as a "threat". (The Hindustan Times, 16.6)

The talks were fruitful and consensus has been reached on a number of matters concerning bilateral ties, he said.

In talks with Mr Jiaxuan on Monday, Mr Singh announced the two sides would enter consultations on establishing a security mechanism between the two countries, an Indian source here said. (The Times of India, 16.6)

... Even such well- informed journalist from Hongkong, as Willy Lap- Lam (author of the first of the quoted here publications) didn't know, by his clause, about preparation of visit in Peking of the Indian minister. It means, that to the statements of the colleagues from Peking, the two India and two conservative Hongkong newspapers there is nothing to add: their judgements show what sharp, sore problems stood on a way of restoration of India- Chine friendship and how much influence on the world and safety in Asia, all Eurasia and all over the world can be rendered by friendship of the two most multioccupied nations of the Earth.


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